Diasurge Medical assists healthcare facilities in achieving the highest standard of biomedical equipment performance. Our team of Engineers follows strict processes to bring currently used equipment back to recommended specifications as per the advice of our QA & QC department.

  • Provide best patient care through continuous education and skill development.
  • Medical specialists all over the world benefit from our experience using system developed by Diasurge Medical.
  • After sales services our global network will gladly support as a competent partner over the entire life cycle.
  • Service workshops are fully equipped with all standard and advance service tools and service equipment.
  • Technical phone support and remote problem resolution directly from experts with deep clinical insights.
  • Proactive service supports by our professional service experts help you to maintain your system in exam – ready condition, and to keep your system up to date.



Training is the basis for the long-term value preservation of endoscopic equipment and for system availability. Educational and training tool used as a means of instruction for learners and healthcare professionals.
While learning the skills necessary to perform endoscopy requires experience and time, this knowledge is also very much dependent on the ability of the trainee and the feedback given by an instructor. This is why having an experienced supervisor to oversee each training module is imperative. The concern with this method of education and engagement is that procedure times can become prolonged, patients may experience increased discomfort and pain and, in the worst case scenarios, errors may occur.



Customer service is an important building block for the success of any company. With our service concept we meet our own claim to reduce the downtime for you to a minimum in case of damage. We offer all services to bring a defective product as quickly as possible to the functional level of a new product.