Diasurge Medical specializes in developing and manufacturing complete ranges of rigid endoscopy. Our innovation and constant development in advanced imaging is driven by the desire to allow you see and do more. Minimal Invasive Surgery has become an established technique in recent years and has made tremendous medical progress.Our endoscopes stand out by a brilliant and high-resolution picture, ensured by the use of high-class components as well as latest production technologies. We are certified with quality management system in accordance with the standards DIN EN ISO 13485:2016 and CE approved One of our strengths is the excellent dialogue with development partners, who are of central importance in terms of the intelligent handling and functionality, the high quality and the visionary foresight. In addition to the outstanding quality of our products, we have always attached great importance to offering our customers and their patients the best possible solutions. In the development of our most advanced technology for endoscopy, too, the needs of our customers and their patients are paramount.