Co2 insufflator is controlled by built-in microprocessor system to ensure highest level of patient safety. The insufflator maintains pneumoperitoneum under extreme conditions for reliability during all laparoscopic procedures. It offers real time pressure sensing for increased accuracy during a procedure. Stable pressure balance in the abdomen is guaranteed by high gas flow performance (40 liter per minute) and low insufflation pressure. With a flow rate of 40 liters, is versatile and various indication modes – can be used in endoscopy surgery. It enhances performance and reliability in demanding surgical-laparoscopy environments.



  • CO2 insufflation offers clear benefits to patients undergoing advanced endoscopic procedures, lengthy endoscopy procedures.
  • Display indicates the total CO2 volume delivered during the procedure.
  • Flow range 10 – 40L
  • Gas flow volume and abdominal pressure can be controlled by micro-computer technology automatically.
  • With the advanced principle of pulse CO2 gas supply, this can be adjusted automatically according to the present abdominal pressure.
  • Gas cylinder pressure, actual abdominal pressure and inflating volume are displayed in mercury.
  • With the electrical protection system, the light and sound alarm will be triggered in abnormal conditions.



High flow rate capacity of 40 l/min quickly compensates for even big gas losses. Insufflator’s Smart Continuous Flow algorithm ensures insufflation depending on the filling level of the body cavity, thus an optimized filling speed is achieved with fully automatic, situation-related insufflation pressure values. A continuous gas flow provides a filling procedure with small pressure fluctuations in the body cavity and a high average insufflation performance.



Automatic check on device soft and hardware when turning the unit on and internal gas exsufflation valve is activated for automatically reduction of dangerous intra-abdominal overpressure



  • High pressure tube
  • Pressure watch
  • Reusable silicone tube
  • Filter