Shaver System

High quality shaver systems enhanced by a wide range of rotational speed and high efficiency of the drive unit. Light and ergonomic hand piece. Controlled by a cable footswitch. Automatic identification of a connected hand piece and Compatibility with shaver blades of well-known manufacturers. We used our advanced technical skills to manufacture a high quality Shaver System with the rpm of 0 – 12000 r/min, infinite speed violation. We are offering a completely waterproof handle motor and footplate shape knife blade. The main Control unit is equipped with HD LCD. We are assuring our client the handle motor wont warm-up no matter how long the procedure is. The Hand Pieces is designed very light weight so that it will help the surgeon in long duration procedures. Blades are designed to be cost-effective, as well as helping to improve patient outcomes in a comfortable, convenient environment.


  • Electronically controlled protection against overloading of the Hand piece. Adjustment of torque, which prevents overloading of the system, at the same time increases the efficiency of the drive unit
  • continuous monitoring of engine rotation which provides its constant value in the performance of work by the blade
  • the non-volatile memory of recent settings (rotation speed, menu language)
  • Additional circuit protection. It eliminates the risk of the controller damage during usage / short circuit of the Hand piece cable
  • Ergonomic and autoclavable handpiece
  • Smooth and continuous work of the engine. Stable oscillation mode.
  • Fully controlled rotational and oscillation speed.
  • Esthetic and modern design
  • No tremble on blades with sharp blade tip.
  • Equipped with auto wind cool system and no heating while rotated with high speed
  • Blades can be fixed and disassembled easily.


  • Smooth mouth cutting blade
  • Double tooth cutting blade
  • Conical planner
  • External curve cutting blade
  • Ball grinder
  • Single tooth cutter
  • Cylindrical planer
  • Internal curved cutter
  • Special knife head for intervertebral foramen lens


  • Arthroscopy
  • Sinuscope
  • Otorhinolaryngology